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Blog posts

I write blog posts on GitHub: github.com/justinwoo/my-blog-posts. These are generally about PureScript or Nix, but sometimes about Haskell and other technologies.


I have done some lessons on egghead.io: egghead.io/instructors/justin-woo. These lessons are mostly about PureScript, and there are not yet so many.

18 - 21 Jun 2019

I was invited to speak about PureScript at Monadic Party in Poznan, Poland: monadic.party

I gave a workshop on "Real World PureScript", where I talked about the PureScript type system and approaches to FFI that allow for solving problems in various ways.

The workshop materials are available on GitHub: github.com/justinwoo/real-world-purescript-workshop-2019

14 Jul 2018

I was invited to speak about PureScript at the Front-End x Design Conference in Taipei, Taiwan: 2018.fedc.tw/.

I spoke about PureScript features that make it unique and some of the ways people might readdress ways they think about modeling problems.

I have recorded a video where I go over my slides from the conference: youtube.com/watch?v=iaQo_kGY-Lc

4 Apr 2018

I was a guest in April 2018 for the podcast CoRecursive with Adam Bell: corecursive.com/010-purescript-and-avocados-with-justin-woo.

In the episode, I talk about things that are good about PureScript, some of the things I believe about writing programs, about avocadoes and kabocha, and about the importance of culture in programming language communities.

1 Sep 2017

I was a speaker at Small FP Conf: clojutre.org/2017/#purescript.

I talked about the RowList type-level structure using RowToList in PureScript and its various applications. The video and slides are available in the link, or via YouTube and Speakerdeck respectively.

28 Mar 2017

I was a guest in March 2017 for the podcast Functional Geekery: functionalgeekery.com/episode-88-justin-woo/.

In the episode, I awkwardly talk about my background and how I got into PureScript and evangelizing it.

In short, I went from writing Java to writing a small amount of Clojure/Clojurescript, lots of Javascript, some Elm, and then started using PureScript afterwards. I started using Haskell after I was already using PureScript, strangely enough. I also talk about some of the things I don't like about Elm, and why I switched over to using PureScript for my compile-to-JS needs for both Node.js and browser code.